Playgroups We've been there! The MFN organizes regular playgroups to get you and your little one(s) some much needed playtime.

Weekday Group

Come play with us Friday mornings! Our weekly playgroup meets at Reo Road playground when the weather is great, and at Metrowest Kung Fu when it’s not. Check our Facebook group for details!

Weekend Group

For those that can’t make Friday mornings, we also offer a weekend playgroup that occurs on the first Saturday of the month. Venues vary by month. Please check our Events page for details!

Future Classmates

One elementary, one middle, one high school. The kids in our tiny town will grow up with friends for life! We want to make it easy for you to connect with your child’s future classmates. Groups are organized by the year your little one will be in Kindergarten, and each group holds unique meetups and activities.


Parent’s Activities

Can't remember the last time you left the house alone? Then you need a night out! Join other local parents on our monthly outings in and around Maynard. Whether we gather for food, drinks, or a fun activity, the company is always great!

Mom’s Night Out

We want to get you out of the house and we want to hang out with you! Come meet other local moms to laugh, relax, or blow off some steam. Each month we try do something new and interesting in and around Maynard. Follow us on Facebook or check our Events page for details!

Dad's Night Out

Moms in Maynard can’t have all the fun. We have a monthly meet up for dads, too! If you are looking to connect with other dads, follow us on Facebook and check out one of our upcoming events!

Babysitting Exchange

The Maynard Babysitting Exchange provides a framework for local families with children under age 5 to provide each other with no-cost, reciprocal childcare. Whether you have an appointment, want to plan a date night, or just need a break, the Babysitting Exchange is a great shared resource for you, your neighbors, and friends to find reliable sitters. Join the private Facebook page, or send an email to get in touch.

Coming Soon: New Baby Support

In the past, the MFN has organized meal trains and New Baby Brunches to help out the parents of our littlest members. We are currently working on reviving these programs and making them better than ever! If you are interested in volunteering with this effort or any other MFN program, please let us know!